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The Birth of a Performance

In the Name of a Father 
The Birth of a Performance. In the Name of a Father tells the story of the days leading up to the premiere of composer Michael Nyman’s opera In Memoriam Giancarlo de’ Stefani at the Teatro Verdi in Padua. The composition, commissioned by well-known Italian industrialist Giancarlo de’ Stefani’s son, translates into music his dad’s experience in prison camps and the persecution to which he was subject during World War II, which triggered in him a spirit of resistance and a desire for freedom. This intimate and complex narrative is imbued both with immense strength and with a deep love of music.

Sergey Vinogradov

Artistic Direction
Clive Britton

Elvira Mogilevskaya

Victorina Petrossiants

Alexey Gorbatov. Alexey Tikhonyuk

Graphic Design
Elena Glazunova

New Waves di Lorenzo Donadio, Milan

Lilia Sergeeva, Tatiana Freishist

Music Copyrights
Ludwig van Beethoven, Lenore, Overture No.1 in C Major, Op.138
Richard Wagner, Siegfried idyll
Michael Nyman, Concert Suite from Prospero’s Books, Prospero’s magic, Come unto these yellow sands, Cornfield, Miranda
Ludwig van Beethoven, Fidelio, Overture in E major, Op.72

Special thanks to
The family of Giancarlo de’ Stefani, his wife Giovanna Magni, his son Federico, his daughters Alessandra, Cristina and Chiara. Michael Nyman, Carlo Boccadoro, James M. Bradburne, Alessio Zanetti, Riccardo Pozzato, Alberto Macchini, SIT Spa, Luca Bertin, Jorghen Bernardi, Pierluigi Gimelli, Teatro Verdi in Padua, Emanuele Cattozzo, Giorgio Berto, Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto, Paolo Giarretta, The Osteria L’Anfora in Padua and all its staff

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