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Performing Raphael

The journey mapped out in Performing Raphael begins in the church of San Francesco in Città di Castello, Perugia. Travelling is The Marriage of the Virgin, a famous Renaissance altarpiece painted in 1504. The frames it takes up all along its journey and the different ways in which it was exhibited tell of the places, the styles and the times in which the frames and the exhibitions were originally conceived. Upon reaching the Pinacoteca di Brera, the painting does not linger, it carries on.



Artistic Direction
Giuseppina di Gangi, Alessandra Quarto
Matteo Ceriana
Sergey Vinogradov
Elivira Mogalevskaya, Victorina Petrossiants
Alexei Gorbatov, Cesare Maiocchi
Marco Gambino, James M. Bradburne
Ludmila Volkova, Roman Yeremchuk, Stanislav Vasilenko
Extra contents
Valentina Pagani Donadelli, Andrea Vitale, Barbara Vitale
Image Copyright
Haltadefinizione (Marriage of the Virgin)

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