BreraPlus means experiencing the museum in a new way.

24/7. Always and everywhere.

BreraPlus is a dynamic on-line platform that enhances the features of the living museum.
It suggests a new type of narrative, it offers a setting for

exploring, learning, feeling and sharing.

A film usually lasts for a given amount of time, the story unfolds in a linear fashion and its plot already contains the peaks of emotion that viewers are going to experience. A visit to a museum is more elastic in its duration. It rests on chance encounters with the exhibits and with other visitors.

BreraPlus is like that. It allows you to explore it in different ways with ever-changing yet interlinked content visible all in a row or in different moments; it is thought for you to dwell on, explore in depth, come back, take another look or move on seamlessly.

Each video is enriched with additional material;
VideoPlus, SpotPlus, High Definition Plus, DeepPlus and BookPlus expand and complete the narrative experience. 

Seeing a Plus content is like boarding a train.

You board, the train departs.
You can see the entire content and go to the end of the line or else you can stop along the way,
exploring whatever intermediate stations the journey offers. 

Experimental film, interactive documentaries, concerts
and some backstage, stories revealed, readings in the original language.

Original contents, produced and adapted on each occasion
to reflect narrative and audience needs.

It offers new content every month.

About BreraPlus

How BreraPlus was first conceived

BreraPlus was conceived during the pandemic with the need
to be both verb and dialogue. It changes over time
with its audience and seeks to be as open,
dynamic and inclusive as the actual museum itself.

The museum is a verb.

It lives through the activities it devises to enhance
and breathe life into the collections it houses,
inventing ever-new ways of doing so. Its identity is deeply bound
to what it does with what it owns and houses.


The museum is a dialogue.

It is active not only inside its walls but also in its interaction
with what goes on outside those walls. It spreads far and wide,
the digital dimension even bringing it into people’s homes.

BreraPlus è il cuore di Brera

BreraPlus is Brera’s beating heart

BreraPlus is your partner on a physical tour
of the Pinacoteca di Brera and the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense.
It completes your physical tour without aspiring to replace it. 

BreraPlus lives and breathes in constant interaction with the physical experience of the museum.

To ensure you’re always up to date, access the AT BRERA NOW page where all the current activities and events of the museum and library are listed.

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