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A Golden Thread (1900-1938) | Part One

This is the story of an architect, Otto Prutscher, of his city, Vienna, and of his children’s books, the collection of a lifetime. A Golden Thread (1900-1938) is divided into two separate yet complementary parts. 
Part One illustrates the historical environment in which Otto Prutscher trained as an architect, designer, teacher and collector. Setting out from the MAK, the Museum of Applied Arts, the documentary takes us along the Ring, a broad boulevard stretching right around the heart of Vienna, to discover the places that Otto attended for work or pleasure with his artist friends of the Secession and the Wiener Werkstätte, including the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the city’s Theater Museum.


James M. Bradburne

Ilaria Bollati, Allegra Baggio Corradi

Cinematography and Editing 
Gabriele Carbone – LAB Immagine, Dipartimento di Design, Politecnico di Milano

Lara Verena Bellenghi, Leonid Rath, Robert Schoisengeier, Erika Freedman, James M. Bradburne, Marie Theres Arnbom

James M. Bradburne

Allegra Baggio Corradi

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Gallerie d’Italia e i Musei di Intesa Sanpaolo, Amici di Brera, Fondazione Berti

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